Ajasent: Providing Integrated IT Services to Insurance Agencies

Michael Boesl, Strategic Technology Director, AjasentMichael Boesl, Strategic Technology Director
During Mark Parrish’s tenure as a sought after technology consultant in the insurance industry, he realized that one of the biggest issues facing insurance agencies was the lack of premium IT services. As the nature of the industry demanded agencies to operate from multiple locations and with a considerable field workforce, Parrish recognized the role of advanced IT solutions in enabling the situation. He embarked on a journey to provide specialized cloud hosting facilities to the insurance agencies. This led to the conception of Ajasent, an independent provider of technology, data security, and hosting solutions for the insurance industry.

Ajasent has been a pioneer in cloud hosting services for seventeen years. It offers managed hosting services, providing complete handling of storage, networking, and delivery of these services. Its hosting service is characterized by an unlimited support that keeps the customers free from all forms of connectivity and server space issues. The defining aspect of Ajasent’s hosting service is its provisions to enable insurance agencies to operate from any location. When the Katrina Hurricane hit the nation, Ajasent’s hosting services played a key role in enabling agencies to operate amidst the stalling of their workplaces, resulting in agencies helping their customers at the time of at most necessity.

Having excelled at hosting services, Ajasent also offers managed technical services. Recognizing that the needs of the insurance agencies vary from one company to another, it specializes in providing customized managed services to the agencies. The services are characterized by an unlimited support at an affordable and predictable price. “What makes Ajasent’s managed services so exceptional is that Ajasent understands how to blend insurance agency needs with technological demands,” states Michael Boesl, Strategic Technology Director, Ajasent.

What makes Ajasent’s managed services so exceptional is that Ajasent understands how to blend insurance agency needs with technological demands

As an IT service provider to the insurance industry, Ajasent takes the security of IT services seriously. Its security services are based on a holistic understanding of security, providing multiple layers of protection to keep the insurance agencies at minimum risk. It offers Total 1 Protection service, equipped with an AV that protects the workstation from pernicious security attacks, web filters to prevent malicious viruses from attacking through the internet and automatic patch management that keeps the latest holes plugged 24/7.

Ajasent’s esteemed reputation in the insurance industry is based on its approach to develop an intricate understanding of its client’s requirements and work alongside clients in helping them make smooth transitions to the advanced IT solution. The efficiency of its services can be attributed to its work culture that only hires people possessing sound knowledge and experiences in both insurance and technology, empowering them to understand problems from the agencies perspective and find the right solution. “Ajasent can continue to evolve and provide insurance specific solutions by employing people that have worked in agencies, they are already intimately aware of the technology struggles agencies face,” remarks Boesl.

As Ajasent strives to make insurance agencies better, it intends on moving from technology to an insurance solution provider. It looks forward to launching a cyber training program, comprised of a short monthly video and questionnaire which will be sent to every employee of an insurance agency, helping the agents become better equipped with the advancing technology. Another great product that Ajasent is excited to launch is a virtual private network (VPN) hardware solution that will help in creating a VPN network to one of several data centers throughout the country, providing one of the most sophisticated security systems at an affordable price. Ajasent will also be launching Microsoft 365 packages with special add-ons that include backing up and encryption of insurance documents.